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  50 Top Ways To Sell Your 
Comic Books

by Alan Collins

(1) Sell your comic books on eBay.  

The single most popular place on the web for selling comic books.  Hands down.  Thousands of comics sell there every day.  However, the big downside is that you won't get the best price for your comic books here.  eBay is like a huge garage sale.  Everybody there is trying to buy comics there at low ball prices.  So, if you really don't know what you're doing, you'll get robbed -- without a gun!  So if you do use eBay and are firm on your price, use a reserve price auction so that if you do sell, you sell at your price....and if you don't sell at your price, no big deal...and it only cost you a few bucks to try.   There are basically two ways to sell comic books on eBay, either individually or in lots.  Due to the way that they charge their fees as well as shipping costs it really isn’t practical to sell items for much less then $10.  Because of this, most comics which would normally be sold for less then $10 have been grouped into lots.


(2) Sell your comics on other less popular online auction sites like uBid.com.  

Though uBid doesn't attract as much traffic and as many eyeballs, this site can sell your comics and has thousands of buyers that visit there everyday.  It's also easier and cheaper to use than eBay.  No matter which auction site you use, you must register and give a credit card number. If you're underage, perhaps you can get a parent to post a card. Otherwise, the auction houses will accept checks and money orders.    

(3) Sell your comics for free on Craigslist.org.  

This can be a great resource for comic sellers.  You place free ads for your comics and you can sell them to buyers in your community.  If you live in or near one of the major cities (San Fran, Chicago, Boston, etc), this is definitely a way to go.  A short classified ad is quick and easy to create, doesn't cost anything to run and you can sell lots of your comic books in short order when you do this properly.  

(4) Sell your comics for free on comicbookclassified.com.   

This is one of the newer and best free online classifieds site for comic book fans!  Your can buy, sell, trade your comics on this site and ...even promote your auctions on eBay!  Your ads stay up for 90 days.  If they don't sell, you can try it again and again. Your choice.   

(5) Put flyers on bulletin boards to sell your comics.  

If you don't want to mess with the web and want to go low tech, turn your list of comic books for sale into a one page flyer.  Flyers are usually 8 ˝ x 11 inches, printed one color on one side – and usually gives a detailed description of the comics you're selling.  And you can get them duplicated for ….pennies.  Once you’ve developed your flyers, you can distribute them a lot of different ways. Post them on public bulletin boards in: colleges, churches, hospitals, factories, banks, union halls, convenience stores and shopping malls as well as many fraternal, ethnic and social clubs, under the windshield wipes on cars, schools, laundromats, trade and associations, flea markets, and street fairs. 

(6) Sell your comics to a local retail comic shop dealer.  

This is the first place many people first  think of when they want to sell their comics.  The problem with selling comic books to a local comic book store is that they've got to make money on what they sell to keep their store open.  What this means is that they won't pay you as much for your comics.  So, you'll get a lower price by going this route.  However, there's a good chance they'll buy what you have for a flat price if you have some popular comics.  Don't be surprised however to get offers for 10-25 cents apiece even for the best comics you have.  Here's a comic shop locator that will help you find a comic shop near you.  However, if you do have comics that comic shop dealers want, there are three elements determine the success of your sale: condition, condition, and condition. 

(7) Consign your comics to a comic shop. 

In some cases, a comic shop dealer will take your comics on consignment.  This means he will display your comics in his store or on his website and will pay you only if they sell.  This allows you and the dealer to share in the profits for your comics.  Typically the profit split is 50-60% in favor of the dealer.  But, everything is negotiable.  And this could be great deal for you if you are selling some high priced comics.  However, you should agree in advance on the minimum price for each item, rate of commission and terms for payout.  Make sure you get the agreement in writing, and make photocopies of your comics to avoid the possibility of confusion or disagreements later on.  the advantage to consignment are that you have a voice in setting prices and potential for a higher payout exists.    The disadvantage is that if you put 10-20 items up for consignment, the money comes in slowly over a period of time and only the better items to sell. With consignment, you agree to take back any unsold comics.

(8) Buy a table at a local comic convention and sell your comics there.     

I don't for the life of me know why more people don't set up at comic shows. That's where most serious comic buyers hang out. Just about every city or town has either a large or small comic con that happens on the weekends.  It'll cost you about $25-$40 to set up a table.  If you have lots of comics you're selling, it can be very worthwhile.  You'll need to make sure that the show you want to set up at is right for you, so before you pay the show promoter his table fee, ask a few questions--or better yet, go to one of his shows. Analyze the crowd in terms of quality and quantity. See if they look like the sort of folks who would buy what you have to sell.  Virtually all major comic conventions can be found at comicbookresources.com.

(9) Sell your comics at a local flea market.  

Flea markets can also be a good option for selling your comics because they are a proven way to meet large numbers of prospects and potential buyers....at far less cost than most other ways of selling. But there are thousands of shows ranging from trade shows to conventions, expositions, state fairs, county fairs, church bazaars, neighborhood festivals, chamber of commerce mixers and shopping mall fairs.  Check your newspaper classified section for flea markets appearing in your community.

(10) Have an auction house sell your comics.   

The auction house could be an option for you, but only if you have a large collection or comic books that are 20-30 years old or comics that have real value like Golden Age Marvels or DCs or Silver Age Spider-Man comics, for example.  The auction house will have to promote, advertise and pay staff to sell your comics   Heritage Comics, Morphy Auctions and Christies are all auction houses that specialize in selling rare collections and have had great success selling rare comic books.

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About the author:  Alan Collins is the author of many books and articles on comic book buying and selling.  More information on buying and selling comic books can be found at:  www.comictocashsecrets.com 


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